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USAA rated best credit card issuer based on weighted analysis of complaint database

As promised, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau published its live database of credit card complaints registered with the bureau's toll free hotline and website. The raw data includes the name of the issuer, the broad topic for each complaint, and a flag indicating whether the credit card company resolved the complaint. Independent researchers have enhanced the [...]

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Barclaycard Ring MasterCard puts customers in the boardroom

A new low interest credit card soon to be launched by Barclaycard aims to make its operations transparent by including customer input in key decision-making. In a statement to reporters, Barclaycard officials announced the pending launch of the Barclaycard Ring MasterCard. Barclaycard spokesman Paul Wilmore explained that Ring cardholders would gain access to profit and loss [...]

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First Premier Bank's CEO puts 'Worst Credit Card' in perspective

Miles Beacom's a brave man. After a few years of consumer backlash against the credit card industry, marked by unprecedented financial reform and ongoing federal investigations, Beacom's company earned a scolding from Consumer Reports. As the head of Premier Bankcard, it's Beacom's job to lead one of the few credit card issuers still opening subprime [...]

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