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Barclaycard Ring™ Mastercard® puts customers in the boardroom

A new low interest credit card soon to be launched by Barclaycard aims to make its operations transparent by including customer input in key decision-making. In a statement to reporters, Barclaycard officials announced the pending launch of the Barclaycard Ring™ Mastercard®. Barclaycard spokesman Paul Wilmore explained that cardholders would gain access to profit and loss statements [...]

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First Premier Bank's CEO puts 'Worst Credit Card' in perspective

Miles Beacom's a brave man. After a few years of consumer backlash against the credit card industry, marked by unprecedented financial reform and ongoing federal investigations, Beacom's company earned a scolding from Consumer Reports. As the head of Premier Bankcard, it's Beacom's job to lead one of the few credit card issuers still opening subprime [...]

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