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Credit Card Acceptance

  • Cross-industry committee to help American businesses adopt EMV credit cards

    New leaders will help the retail and banking industries adopt stricter credit card security tools, with the recent election of officers to the EMV Migration Forum Steering Committee. The four member committee oversees the efforts of more than 100 major American companies with the goal of adopting payment technology that has already become standard in [...]

  • Groupon testing small-business credit card processing service

    Groupon plans to dive into the small-business credit card processing business with a mobile reader similar to those from Square and PayPal, according to news reports. Bloomberg's Douglas MacMillan reports that a company known for producing credit card readers for Apple's iPhone and iPod touch has been testing Groupon's prototype device at independent retailers in [...]

  • Visa credit card processing slowed April 1 due to system upgrade

    A "systems upgrade," not another data breach, caused registers to decline or delay Visa transactions on April Fool's Day, according to news reports. For about 45 minutes on the afternoon of April 1, shoppers throughout the United States reported problems using Visa credit cards to complete their purchases. Some payments that had been initially declined [...]

  • Angie's List founder advocates credit card payments for contractors

    Credit card payments have become the best way to ensure quality work from contractors, according to Angie Hicks, the founder of service professionals directory Angie's List. Yet, based on pleas from vendors to avoid merchant fees or taxes, many customers still pay in cash or with checks. "Homeowners are still whipping out their checkbooks when it [...]

  • PayPal takes on Square with its own mobile credit card reader

    On the heels of launching a Google Wallet competitor in Home Depot, PayPal announced intentions to stake its claim in the mobile credit card reader business refined by Square. PayPal officials demonstrated their triangle-shaped "PayPal Here" device for journalists attending Austin's SXSW festival earlier this month. Merchants can swipe a customer's credit card for real-time [...]

  • AT&T network opens Google Wallet for business

    This month, AT&T became the third nationwide wireless carrier to permit Google Wallet functionality on Nexus-branded Android phones. Sprint openly authorizes eligible users to activate the near-field communication payment chip on their networks, while AT&T and Verizon customers must add the functionality by downloading the Google Wallet app from the Android Market. Verizon Wireless spokespeople have [...]

  • Obama, Romney use Square for quick credit card donations

    In 2008, Barack Obama's campaign staffers changed the way political campaigns leverage technology and social media. The President's re-election campaign hopes to revolutionize political donations the same way in 2012, with help from smartphones and mobile credit card readers. Reporters from Politico and the Los Angeles Times have already seen Obama campaign staffers in action, using [...]

  • House bill proposes credit card blockade to fight media piracy

    Critics of a new intellectual property proposal circulating on Capitol Hill worry that it could inadvertently wreak havoc on legitimate e-commerce websites by suspending their ability to accept credit cards. Sponsors of HR 3261, the Stop Online Privacy Act, proposed new rules that would exempt credit card processors, ISPs, and other third-party technology vendors from [...]

  • Card.io enables secure credit card processing for camera phone

    A startup technology company aims to streamline credit card transactions for application developers and small merchants, without specialized dongles or transmitters. Card.io offers a software development kit that coders can use to integrate secure credit card capture into mobile apps without violating strict new rules about storing personal data. Online merchants, like software companies and service [...]

  • Square's Card Case app turns smartphones into virtual credit cards

    The dream of turning a smartphone into a credit card is rapidly becoming a reality. Google might be the first to take the leap with its new Google Wallet app, but it certainly isn't the only company that will soon be providing smartphone users with a way to turn their mobile phones into credit cards. [...]

  • PayPal mobile app enabling face-to-face credit card acceptance

    PayPal intends to take its credit card processing service into the offline marketplace, thanks to a revision to its popular smartphone application. Merchants, many of whom may already use PayPal to accept credit cards online, can opt in to a new "local payments" service that leverages new mobile technology. To authorize a payment, customers can [...]

  • Chicago Transit Prepares to Accept Credit Cards on City Buses

    Chicago transit officials joined their peers from New York in a quest to replace coins with credit cards on city-operated trains and buses. The Chicago Tribune reported the Chicago Transit Authority's decision to pilot multiple credit card acceptance technologies after studying potential cost savings and ridership improvements from the move.According to the CTA's research, a [...]

  • Agreement Widens Acceptance of Diners Club and Discover Credit Cards in Europe

    Frequent business travelers can expect to enjoy enhanced acceptance of both Diners Club and Discover credit cards when traveling in Western Europe over the coming months. An agreement between Discover Card and payment processor Elavon will add the cards to Elavon's all-in-one merchant account services. Elavon processes credit card payments for over a million independent [...]