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Contactless Credit Cards

  • AmEx, Capital One, Chase help phone companies launch mobile wallet in two test cities

    Contactless credit card payments edged closer to the mainstream with the launch of Isis Mobile Wallet in Salt Lake City and Austin, Texas. A coalition of wireless carriers -- AT&T Mobility, Verizon Wireless, and T-Mobile -- rolled out the service to test users in both markets during the month of October. According to company statements, [...]

  • MasterCard customers spend $600 more per month with PayPass contactless credit cards

    Consumers spent 30 percent more using contactless credit cards than with their traditional, magnetic stripe credit cards in a study commissioned by MasterCard Advisors. The spending increase remained consistent across usage categories, signaling consumer preference to shift spending to their contactless cards and away from cash or other accounts. Researchers tracked two sets of MasterCard account [...]

  • Young consumers are most skeptical about NFC security

    Decades of hearing "don't leave home without it" may have convinced American consumers that they won't be replacing their wallets with smartphones anytime soon. A Radius Global Market Research survey found that concerns about fraud, security and network stability hinder electronics manufacturers' ambitions to process credit card transactions with near-field-communications devices. Conventional wisdom suggests that a [...]

  • Chase, Capital One,¬†Barclaycard support Isis Mobile Wallet launch

    Chase, Capital One and Barclaycard will team up with three of the wireless phone industry's biggest brands to launch a mobile payment solution that aims to compete with Google Wallet. After operating in stealth mode for months, officials from the Isis project used their blog to announce the first three credit card issuers to confirm [...]

  • Google Wallet unplugs prepaid debit cards after hacking demonstration

    Successful hacking attempts against smartphones running Google Wallet software have caused the software company to suspend access to customers' prepaid debit cards, according to news reports. In recent weeks, numerous software engineers and security researchers have called attention to vulnerabilities in the Android operating system that could leave Google Wallet accounts open to outside attack. The [...]

  • EMV chip Visa credit cards hit $1M mark in US

    American banks and credit unions have already issued over one million credit cards with embedded EMV chips, according to a new report from payment platform operator Visa. In a statement to reporters, company officials noted that customer requests drove a significant ramp-up in the number of cards that supplement a traditional magnetic stripe with a [...]

  • Watch2Pay combines wristwatch with prepaid MasterCard

    Mobile payments industry observers have focused most of their attention on smartphones with near field communications technology. However, an Austrian company has dreamed up a way for prepaid debit card users to avoid reaching for their pockets altogether. LAKS' new Watch2Pay product embeds a contactless EMV chip inside a black fashion wristwatch, enabling the wearer to [...]

  • Visa won't force US merchants to adopt "chip-and-PIN"

    After setting a 2015 deadline for installing a new generation of retail credit card terminals, Visa has taken steps to assure merchants that it doesn't intend to bring the stricter "chip-and-PIN" requirements from Europe into the United States. Visa spokeswoman Stephanie Ericksen took to her company's blog this month, clarifying that "EMV technology" can refer [...]

  • New technologies woo business credit card users

    As London officials gear up for a "contactless" Olympic Games this summer, industry analysts report that the public's lack of awareness about new credit card technology could hamper its adoption. According to a YouGov study, fewer than 1 in 10 Britons knew they could use contactless credit cards or NFC-enabled smartphones to pay for meals [...]

  • Subway the latest to enable Google Wallet payments

    Another major restaurant chain signs on to support contactless credit card payments. Sandwich chain Subway announced plans to launch Google Wallet's PayPass technology in at least 8,000 restaurants during the first quarter of 2012. According to MasterCard officials, contactless payment tools have won acceptance at quick service restaurants and convenience stores, where customers appreciate faster checkout. Though [...]

  • More US vending machines accept EMV chip cards

    A soda machine outside the neighborhood grocery store could encourage more Americans to adopt new credit card technology. According to the Nilson Report, a payment processing trade journal, one company's clients already process more than 25 million self-serve transactions every year. Distributed in the U.S. under the Arrow brand name, the latest payment devices from Nayax [...]

  • Google Wallet released for Sprint Nexus S 4G, Citi MasterCard

    Search giant Google released its previously announced Google Wallet application which will allow users to pay for purchases with a mere swipe of a cellphone. Before users head to the mall, however, there are some limitations that should be noted. For now, the only phone that works with Google Wallet is the Sprint Nexus S 4G, [...]

  • MasterCard tests credit card mobile payment tags at Berlin event

    MasterCard officials intend to treat retailers to a glimpse into the future of mobile credit card payments at a global industry conference in Berlin. Attendees at the World Retail Congress 2011 in Berlin on Sep. 25-28 will each receive one of the payment technology company's new "mobile tags" to affix to their mobile phones during [...]

  • Google Wallet launches mobile payment support with Citi MasterCard

    Editor's Note: Thank you for your interest, this offer expired and is no longer available. Google expanded its mobile payment experiment this month, announcing a software update to the Sprint Nexus S 4G that enables the phone's near field communications functionality. Right now, eligible Nexus users can link their mobile handsets with any of four supported [...]

  • PayPal mobile app enabling face-to-face credit card acceptance

    PayPal intends to take its credit card processing service into the offline marketplace, thanks to a revision to its popular smartphone application. Merchants, many of whom may already use PayPal to accept credit cards online, can opt in to a new "local payments" service that leverages new mobile technology. To authorize a payment, customers can [...]

  • Credit Cards Evolving into Contactless Payment Solutions, Say Platform Providers

    Panelists at a conference session in Las Vegas debated the future of point-of-sale payments, and whether the cash register of the future will be fueled by contactless credit cards or by mobile phone applications. The debate took place during the CTIA conference in Las Vegas, where representatives of the banking, technology, and communications industries converged [...]