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Prepaid credit card users: Prepare for higher fees

What's a low-income family to do when their credit card rates get hiked? Prepaid card offers, once solely marketed to low-income consumers, have become trendy in a recovering economy where everyone is trying to tighten their purse strings. But along with their popularity come new fees and charges that will affect not only the wealthier consumers [...]

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Consumers use credit card "free money" to help cover summer vacation costs

Rewards credit cards will help Americans preserve their vacation plans in spite of rising travel costs this summer, according to a new survey commissioned by Capital One. In the spring 2011 edition of the credit card issuer's quarterly Capital One Rewards Barometer, consumers revealed a new hunger for high value bonus and redemption options. Although more [...]

Categories: Rewards / Travel Cards, Capital One
Chase, Ritz-Carlton launch new luxury rewards credit card

"Access to the Extraordinary" is the tag line of the new Ritz-Carlton Rewards Credit Card. Launched on June 9, 2011 by the Ritz-Carlton Hotel Company L.L.C. and J.P. Morgan Chase & Co., this premium rewards card is the first and only card to carry the Ritz-Carlton name, offering rewards specific to the hotel and its [...]

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How will swipe fee limits affect credit card holders?

Merchants and credit card companies are still fighting it out over the planned reduction of swipe fees, a rule by the Federal Reserve that will limit the excessive fees currently charged by banks and credit card companies with each swipe. The proposed cap is being promoted as a way to save consumers money at retail stores, [...]

Categories: Credit Card Interest Rates / Fees, How Credit Cards Work
MasterCard ad campaign aims to lure customers from American Express, Visa Signature

MasterCard Worldwide officials announced an advertising campaign to highlight new benefits of the brand's World Elite premium credit cards. The marketing push arrives as credit card issuers step up competition over less risky, high income borrowers. Positioned as an alternative to the American Express Centurion Card and the Visa Signature Card, MasterCard World Elite credit [...]

Categories: MasterCard
MasterCard PriceAssure locks in lowest airfares on participating airlines

Travelers now have a major incentive to use MasterCard when purchasing airline tickets, with the debut of a new airfare price assurance program. In a statement to reporters, company spokesperson Chris Aguas revealed that a MasterCard consumer survey showed 77 percent of travelers worry about timing their purchases to get the best deal on airfares. The payment [...]

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American Express opens exclusive Universal Studios lounge in Orlando

American Express continues to expand its exclusive member entertainment program with a new lounge opening in Orlando's Universal Studios Florida on May 10. In a statement to reporters, AmEx spokesperson Shane Berry expressed hope that the new benefit would let traveling Cardmembers "relax, refresh, and recharge." Cardmembers will enjoy access to complimentary chilled beverages in [...]

Categories: American Express
Visa launches text-message discounts for Gap customers

Credit card giant Visa has partnered with Gap to provide customers with a new loyalty program offering immediate discounts and savings at Gap clothing stores to Visa credit card holders. The program, dubbed "Gap Mobile 4U," has reportedly been in testing since late 2010, and represents the first of perhaps many new partnered discounts that [...]

Categories: Visa, Testing / Technology
Chase upstages Wells Fargo with first major "chip-and-PIN" credit card launch

Chase isn't content to let Wells Fargo launch the first "chip-and-PIN" credit cards in the United States. After Wells Fargo announced plans to pilot the European-style security feature on 15,000 of its new credit cards later this year, officials from JP Morgan Chase announced plans to launch Chase's own version of the EMV chip in [...]

Categories: Chase Bank
Wells Fargo "smart card" introduces US to world standard EMV chip technology

Wells Fargo is ready to begin testing a new line of U.S. credit cards that will include magnetic stripe technology, as well as the newer EMV microchip technology that has become standard in credit cards worldwide. The company has announced that it will begin a pilot test of these Visa "smart cards" by the middle [...]

Categories: Wells Fargo, Testing / Technology

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