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Credit Card Information

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"Guitar Hero III: Legends of the Rock" recently became the highest-grossing game in U.S. history. And to think Charles Huang, the former partner of Harmonix and designer of the little plastic guitars, maxed out his credit cards to finance the company in 2007. Same with Sergey Brin and Larry Page, who used plastic [...]
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With all of the new laws and revised regulations affecting credit cards, you need a guide to help you understand what's changed. And what better resource than the federal government that oversees the new rules. You can get answers to questions, tips on paying down debt, and an explanation of your legal rights on the websites [...]
The new year may start in January, but it doesn't really feel like a fresh beginning until spring arrives. Warmer weather and cheerier moods make it easier to look ahead: new goals, new hobbies, new friends…and at least one big trip to experience new adventures. Whatever your springtime travel plans, you'll want to maximize the value [...]
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If you are preparing to apply for a new credit card or a loan, you'll want to achieve the highest credit score possible. While FICO cannot provide an exact correlation between individual actions and specific points earned because there are so many variables in each credit score, there are steps you can take that will [...]
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When the weekend comes and you're shopping in town, poking around a flea market or going to church, you used to need cash. At the flea or farmers' market you had to hit up the on-site ATM (and pay those exorbitant service fees) or miss out on a cool find if the vendor wouldn't accept [...]
Remember those credit card deals that would let you transfer your balance from one credit card to another, pay few or no fees and get zero percent interest for years? If you thought those balance transfer offers had gone the way of the dinosaur, there's good news. These offers are back. Consumer credit experts say low [...]
The demise of the controversial Kardashian Kard doesn’t mean celebrity-endorsed prepaid and credit cards are gone. The Kardashian Kard made its debut on Nov. 6 and was gone by Nov. 29. Media uproar over the fees charged for the prepaid MasterCard had the celebrity sisters fleeing the deal to preserve their image. Now the Kardashians are [...]
While "waiting for the system" to confirm a new credit card account, the customer service representative on the other end of the telephone line often rattles off a series of special offers. In many cases, the rep will use such phrases as "at no risk to you" to get you to buy what they are [...]
When Lisa Boesen's parents died a few years ago, they left $60,000 in credit card debt. Lisa and her two siblings were surprised, but they had never discussed their parents' finances. Within a month, creditors began aggressively calling. One credit card company, which repeatedly called Boesen trying to negotiate a payment, ended up putting a [...]
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Do you have the vision of sweeping your partner off his or her feet with an elaborate Valentine's Day plan? One reader had an opulent scheme for asking the love of his life to marry him. "We would travel by train throughout Italy, where I would wait for a perfect Italian sunset to drop to [...]
The skies just got a little less friendly for frequent fliers. Southwest and Qantas are the latest in a long list of airlines to tighten the screws on their loyalty programs. The new restrictions are part of an industrywide effort to eke out more profit without raising base fares. Frequent flier value: a vanishing act The same [...]
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No. 1 Most-Viewed Article of 2011* It's hard to believe, but sometimes credit card issuers don't have your best interests at heart. There are a few things, in particular, that would really help you save money on your credit cards. If you were aware of them, that is. So here's a top five list of things [...]
For most of us, flipping the calendar to a new year means thinking about taxes. While you're waiting for your W-2 to arrive in the mail, consider using the next few weeks to map out your credit card strategy for 2011. This could be the year you turn your credit cards into [...]
On the heels of the CARD Act implementation in 2010, cardholders using more debit than credit cards, and the Federal Reserve recommending a cap on debit card fees issuers can charge merchants, the world of plastic has been kicked around over the past several years. To see what might be in store in 2011, we asked [...]
You're familiar with rewards credit cards and debit cards offering frequent flier miles, points or cash back, but did you know many of these reward programs allow you to pool, transfer or convert your rewards? Cash Back and Reward Points Some financial institutions offer programs that let you simultaneously earn rewards from two programs with one card. [...]
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Credit cards make big promises - cash back, free vacations, zero interest and more. However, if you are not reading the fine print, you might find that you get more than you bargained, according to a San Francisco Chronicle report. The Credit Card Accountability, Responsibility and Disclosure (CARD) Act of 2009 made changes to how credit [...]
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Credit card reward points are redeemable for such things as gift cards, airline miles or hotel stays, but here's another thought: What about giving away your points to help someone in need? Giving is good for the soul, and also adds up to big dollars. The Red Cross noted that the $479 million dollars donated for [...]
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Credit card companies take a fair share of abuse about interest rates and hidden transaction fees, but an increasing number of companies are committed to helping charities by making it easier for customers to donate. Customer loyalty via charity It's not all altruistic, of course. Capital One, which routinely waives transaction fees for donations, admits it hopes [...]
Will that be credit or debit? Don't bother with such platitudes as, "whatever is easiest for you." Rather than handing over your ATM card, you're smarter to use your credit card. Here are five reasons why: You need credit anyway. If you're planning on a big ticket purchase--like a house--at some point in your life, you can [...]
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What is the best credit card to have for international travel? A comparison of the best travel credit cards should include not only a look at the fees for transactions, but also the surcharges for currency conversion. Then there is the question of credit versus debit: Which card is the better choice for overseas travel? Best [...]
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Many financial institutions offer customers a choice in the design of their credit cards. Some allow them to show their patriotism or an allegiance to a sports team every time they pay with the card. Recently, credit card companies have introduced customization that goes beyond the appearance of the card itself and allows cardholders to [...]
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Many savvy consumers try to avoid paying interest on credit card debt by taking advantage of 0 percent balance transfer credit cards, but the decision to make the transfer requires careful reading of the balance-transfer offer and consideration of the impact on your credit score. Credit card balance transfer offers Consumers should start by reading the details [...]
American consumers have spoken! They really like some credit cards. From September through December, asked readers to choose their favorite credit cards or issuer in five key areas. After tallying hundreds of responses, we present the CardRatings Consumer’s Choice Awards for the Best Credit Cards of 2010.   Best Cash Back Credit Card: Winner: Blue Cash from American [...]
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The second half of this year's Editor's Choice awards continues to spotlight credit cards and banks that bucked a trend toward fewer rewards and higher fees while offering enticing added value for cardholders. Best Reward Point Credit Cards   Chase Sapphire Unless you never watch television and you didn't go to the movies in 2010, you've probably seen ads [...]
In 2010, the credit card industry bounced back from the effects of a nationwide recession, a slew of new federal regulations, and a sense of discontent among consumers who paid down balances faster than ever. A handful of credit cards led the charge to bring value, service, and convenience back to Americans: Best Cash-back Credit Cards [...]
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