Credit Card Holders Rate American Express Highest Among Lenders

Credit card users feel the pinch of new rates and fees, and they're not happy about them. That news comes from a recently released survey conducted by J.D. Power and Associates, ranking financial products and providers on customer satisfaction. 9,000 credit card holders responded to questions about products, features, benefits, and overall satisfaction with American banks.

American Express scored highest in customer satisfaction among credit card issuers, with cardmembers citing expanded rewards and temporary hardship consideration as critical service elements during a challenging economyDiscover Card finished a close second in the poll, with PNC Bank earning the highest accolades among regional banks.

Other survey statistics reveal some of the deeper reasons why some credit card customers reported problems with their lenders. Cardholders who carry a balance month to month interact with customer service agents frequently, often to address billing problems or to dispute service charges. Lenders who adjusted customer accounts in advance of <span