New Credit Card Swipers Key to Fraud Prevention at Heartland
Officials at Heartland Payment Systems hope that state of the art credit card merchant terminals can help restore consumer confidence at the checkout line. The company's new E3 platform automates the process of scrambling system codes that encrypt and secure customer credit card details after they pass from the magnetic stripe and into corporate servers.

While few shoppers know Heartland by name, Wall Street remembers the company as the target of the largest payment system hacking attack to date. Over 130 million credit card numbers fell into the hands of identity thieves after Heartland's firewall was breached in 2008. Security experts noted that Heartland's manual process for resetting encryption details gave criminals a window through which they could eavesdrop on transactions.

The new system eliminates that weakness, while pushing merchants to the forefront of financial data security. However, the E3 upgrade comes at a price. Heartland's client companies must foot the bill for most of the new hardware required to operate the new platform. Heartland CEO Bob Carr told USA Today that the upfront investment would pay off by reducing labor costs associated with manually updating security settings.

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