A sudden shift toward fiscal responsibility has Americans figuring out ways to get out of debt. The Federal Reserve has tracked double-digit percentage declines in monthly credit card spending over the past few quarters, while credit bureau Equifax reports that new credit card accounts have dropped by nearly half since 2008. Financial journalist Jordan Goodman outlines a plan for consumers to deal with the new realities of personal finance in his new book, "Master Your Debt."

Goodman's book draws on experience gained in over thirty years as a correspondent for both Money Magazine and NBC News. With help from co-author and consumer advocate Bill Westrom, Goodman provides details on how to modify many consumer loans, improve credit scores, and negotiate better deals on major purchases. "Master Your Debt" also features instructions for consumers in crisis to skip directly to a special chapter that outlines a critical action plan to avoid foreclosure and manage unexpected bills. The book is available in bookstores nationwide, or by calling 1-800-225-5945.

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