While most Americans think about overhauling their personal finance systems at the start of the new year, business owners get focused on streamlining expenses every April. That's because -- despite everyone's best efforts throughout the year -- the process of gathering receipts and verifying purchases during tax time hammers home the need to organize receipts and transaction statements. April's Deal of the Month lets entrepreneurs earn hundreds of dollars (or more) just for funneling their company's expenses through a new Capital One® Spark® Cash for Business credit card.

Spend more than $5,000 on purchases with this card in your first three months, and you'll get a one-time $250 bonus. Organizing your team's spending habits can pay off as well, with a one-time $50 bonus reward for adding an employee card to your account within your first 60 days. Beyond that, cardholders enjoy a 2 percent cash-back rebate on all purchases with no spending caps or promotional categories to keep track of.

In addition to one of the industry's most generous cash-back credit card programs, Capital One Spark Cash for Business offers an online redemption system that helps small-business owners improve their cash flow. Unlike most other business rewards cards, this card's rebates become available almost immediately after a qualifying purchase clears. You can either set an automatic redemption level to put your rewards on autopilot, or you can use Capital One's "purchase eraser" to wipe out the cost of recent transactions. Either way, you can get statement credits within the same statement cycle, instead of waiting until the end of the month or the year to claim your rewards.

With strong fraud protection, a 90-day purchase protection program, and no foreign transaction fee, Capital One Spark Cash for Business makes an ideal purchasing card for companies that juggle vendor relationships beyond typical travel, meals and entertainment expenses. Although you'll get the most value from this card by paying your balance in full at the end of each cycle, a competitive APR means you've got the flexibility to stretch payments from time to time. While this card may not carry many of the same creature comforts as other business rewards credit cards, its low annual fee ($0 for the first year, and $59 per year after that) and value-added discounts can help save cash for budget-conscious entrepreneurs.