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Added June 28, 2010 from: Mike Killian
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Answered By Mike Killian:
I am not certain there is an answer available to your question except by polling a number of credit card issuers. But understand also that a credit score is nothing more than a snap shot at any given moment of your financial situation. It usually does not change significantly from this moment to the next but it does change. It changes according to events occurring in your financial life.

Another point to consider is that though each credit agency is independent of the other two, they are usually not too far away in their reporting and, therefore, relatively close in the score produced. The difference in their score would rarely make a difference in obtaining a credit card. If it does, there is something clearly wrong on a report and should be corrected. If something has not caught up on one report, it probably will and then equal out your credit score.

This question is about:  Credit Scores / Reports
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