AmEx, Chase and B of A lead corporate support of 9/11 Day Observance

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American Express, JPMorgan Chase and Bank of America lead a pack of corporate donors throwing their weight behind a nationwide day of volunteer service observing the 10th anniversary of the 9/11 terrorist attacks.

Organizers of the nonprofit 9/11 Day Observance coalition announced plans for events surrounding the federally recognized 9/11 Day of Service and Remembrance. In statements to reporters, the event's coordinators expressed intentions to stage the nation's largest single day of charitable service in American history.

Special events planned

A bipartisan group of lawmakers joined corporate sponsors, attack survivors, first responders, and 9/11 family members to announce plans for special events and awareness efforts, including:

  • Major volunteer projects in large cities, including New York, San Francisco, Chicago, and Los Angeles
  • A mass media public service campaign, using donated airtime from Clear Channel Radio and members of the National Association of Broadcasters
  • A 50-state tour of the 9/11 National Flag
  • The 911day.org website and Facebook page

JPMorgan Chase representatives told reporters that they would encourage their employees to volunteer for 9/11 Day Observance activities through the company's Good Works outreach program. The credit card issuer's employees contributed 275,000 hours of volunteer service and over $4 million in charitable donations through the Good Works program in 2010. Chase's $500,000 grant to 9/11 Day represents part of a $150 million charitable giving commitment for 2011.

AmEx makes record donation

According to American Express Foundation president Timothy J. McClimon, that company's $1 million contribution represents one of the largest donations the credit card issuer has ever made to a single nonprofit organization. "We know that service is not confined to a specific cause or geography," McClimon said, adding that the company's pledge would help provide a platform for Americans to find their own ways to pay tribute on Sep. 11, 2011.

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