Corporate Credit Card Abuse Raises Questions in Wisconsin

Controversy in a Wisconsin school district has reignited a debate over the ethical use of employer-provided credit cards. In Wausau, school officials discovered over $1,300 in unauthorized charges made on a card issued to a high school athletic director. Because the credit card was issued on an account tied to vending machine sales, charges to the card did not pass through the same approval process as official district purchases. The athletic director resigned from his position and has agreed to pay the unauthorized charges.

In the wake of stricter accounting guidelines at most companies, inappropriate use of a corporate credit card can have sever consequences. Many employers have adopted policies of partnering with credit card issuers to set up accounts in employees' own names. Although these cards may also be embossed with the name of a sponsoring organization, lenders can hold employees directly liable for unapproved charges. By following company guidelines, corporate credit card holders can avoid damage to their credit reports as well as to their careers.