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Curtis Arnold, a nationally recognized consumer educator and advocate, has been educating consumers about credit cards since 1998. New! Curtis is the author of 'How You Can Profit from Credit Cards: Using Credit to Improve Your Financial Life and Bottom Line' (FT Press, 2008). He is also the co-author of the upcoming Complete Idiot's Guide to Person-to-Person Lending (Alpha Books/Pengiun Group USA, April 2009), a contribitor to The Ultimate Allowance (InnerWealth Publishing, 2008) and is extensively featured in 42 RulesTM for Driving Success With Books (Super Star Press, January 2009).

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Editor's Choice Awards 2013: The year's best credit cards

Competition has crept back into the credit card marketplace, with major brands squaring off against upstarts from unusual places. This year, banks and payment platforms worked even harder to give consumers reasons to remain loyal to their brands.

Best rewards credit cards for holiday shopping

Editor's Note: Thank you for your interest, these holiday offers expired and are no longer available. Black Friday deals might not be enough to capture the hearts (and wallets) of rewards credit card holders this year, according to new research from Capital One. During the bank's recent Rewards Barometer survey of

Best credit cards for luxury perks

Luxury credit cards offer a fast track to elite status, especially for professionals who can funnel both household purchases and reimbursable business expenses through a single account. Living the high life doesn't have to mean shelling out top dollar on travel, though. With excellent credit and the ability to push

Best credit cards with no foreign transaction fee

Traveling abroad can be an eye-opening experience: the culture, the food, the architecture… the credit card bill! Using a credit card when traveling can be a very convenient and useful practice, however, despite advances in international payment processing speed and security, many American banks still charge foreign transaction fees of

Best credit cards for cash back rewards

As consumers get smarter about using credit cards, banks have discovered that big cash rebates can drive customer loyalty. If you keep just one or two credit cards in your wallet, consider carrying a card that can earn you as much as 6 percent cash back on eligible purchases. Here's Hall of Shame: Worst credit cards of 2012

This year's editor's choice awards illustrated so much of the positive change sweeping the personal finance business. With banks competing on price and service, consumers enjoy access to affordable, useful tools to manage their credit and make secure shopping decisions. Still, a handful of companies keep trying to cash in

Deck the malls: The 4 best credit cards for holiday shopping

It seems like big box stores start leaking their Black Friday sale flyers around the same time they discount leftover Halloween candy. That gives you a few weeks to work out a strategy for financing your holiday purchases. These four rewards credit cards offer special deals and promotions that can

Sweet dreams: best credit cards for hotel rewards

If you're a casual traveler, signing up for a hotel credit card can qualify you for upgrades and special perks usually reserved for touring rock stars. Frequent guests can cover the costs of personal trips to the kinds of resorts not usually covered under corporate travel policies. Our list of

2012 balance transfer survey

With holiday shopping on the horizon again, many banks have shifted their marketing toward interest-free purchases and away from no fee balance transfers. The team revisited 15 credit cards from our February balance transfer survey and added 8 more accounts to our watch list. Our September review of 23

Best credit cards for airport lounge access

Once marketed as havens for jet-setting executives, airport lounges now serve anyone who is willing to invest in a less stressful airport experience. If flight delays, crowded departure gates, and challenging travelers make you want to tear your hair out, a handful of travel credit cards can help you escape

5 credit cards to turn your wallet into a workhorse

Pay for your everyday purchases with a plain vanilla debit or credit card, and you could be leaving as much as 6 percent of your household budget in the cashier’s till each month. Our survey of the market’s best cash back credit cards reminds us that you can earn some

Flying high: Best credit cards for free airline perks

Although ticket prices and associated fees have crept higher over the past few years, the right airline credit card can save you enough cash to offset the cost of air travel. Three of today's best travel credit cards offer bonus perks that can make your next trip relaxing and rewarding. Virgin

6 luxury credit card perks

Signup bonuses and rewards points aren’t the only ways today’s best credit cards pay for themselves. Customers who qualify for “elite,” “platinum,” and “signature” credit cards often earn extra perks that can save time while eliminating common expenses. Repaid baggage fees American travelers have grudgingly grown accustomed to paying for checked bags

5 best cards for newly minted alumni

Choose a credit card issuer that you think you'll want to do business with for years. Most lenders offer versions of their most popular credit cards with relaxed underwriting guidelines (and smaller credit limits) just for students and recent graduates. Your student credit card won't expire once you hang your

I've been asked many times to upgrade my American Express card to platinum. I am especially interested in their companion ticket perk.

Editor's Note: This offer expired and is no longer available. Q: I've been asked many times to upgrade my American Express card to platinum. I am especially interested in their companion ticket perk. Are companion tickets only available on a full fare basis? Are they available only for flights originated from

I have some medical bills that have been turned over to a credit collector and my credit score is 640. Am I eligible for a credit card for travel?

Q: I need a credit card with a low interest rate, no annual fee, and a credit limit of $3,000. I am paying off my NFCU, but due to a lot of medical bills, I have some bills that have been turned over to a credit collector. I can get

Top 12 "Ask the Expert" credit card questions

Every day at, readers just like you submit questions about credit cards to our "Ask the Expert" columnists. We try to pull the most compelling questions from your submissions, so readers in similar situations can also take advantage of what we've all learned. However, we can't answer every question,

The prepaid debit card comes of age

More than 1 in 8 American consumers now carry reloadable prepaid debit cards, according to a new report from Javelin Strategy & Research. Stronger rewards, cheaper fees, and changing attitudes about traditional banks all contributed to the growth of prepaid debit, even during a period that saw many banks shrink

I pay off my bill every month. I really want miles for travel. What card is best for that without blackout dates?

Q: I pay off my bill every month. I really want miles for travel. What card is best for that without blackout dates?  A: I think it's time you looked at some upstart carriers who can help you earn free travel faster than your traditional airline credit cards. Capital One® Venture® Rewards

My current credit card for bad credit is about to expire. I'm looking for a new card with cash back rewards and a low interest rate.

Congratulations on using that bad credit credit card the way it's really meant to work. It sounds like you're on the right track. Here's where things get interesting. Even though your FICO score is probably high enough to help you graduate to a credit card with better terms, you're not