Citibank Credit Card Holders Can Track, Pay Balances on iPhone
Citibank credit card customers gained access to new mobile banking features this month, including an updated iPhone application. In a statement to reporters, Citibank spokesperson Liza Landsman remarked that the updated iPhone app would give cardholders "anytime, anywhere" access to account information. "It will help more customers to stay connected in real-time to their finances and to make informed spending decisions," Landsman said.

Although Citibank was among the first U.S. credit card issuers to offer downloadable mobile banking applications, revisions to the Citi Mobile app include customer-requested features such as real-time balance updates and reviews of previous statements. The app's advanced security features include a dedicated PIN and account access tracking using the iPhone's location technology.

Citi Mobile users can also track their balances in Citi's popular "Thank You" Rewards Network, directly from the iPhone application. Cardholders who maintain checking accounts with Citi can make immediate transfers between accounts, streamlining the process of making last-minute bill payments. The Citi Mobile iPhone application can be downloaded directly from Apple's iTunes App Store, free of charge.

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