A cutting edge credit card from Citi will allow consumers to redeem rewards in their favorite stores with the push of a button. Officials from the major credit card issuer announced the first in a series of "Citi 2G Credit Cards" this month. The new cards feature a built-in battery and a programmable magnetic stripe.

Cardholders can use buttons on the front of the new card to select either a standard credit card purchase or a rewards redemption. By choosing "reward," the Citi 2G Credit Card reprograms its magnetic stripe to send alternate payment account details to a point-of-sale device. This technology allows cardholders to access reward balances without requiring merchants to accept coupons or gift cards. LEDs on the face of the card alert the cardholder to the account selected for each transaction.

Citi officials told reporters that a small batch of 2G cards would be offered to existing accountholders as part of a trial program in 2010. After taking time to review feedback from the pilot program, bank officials hope to roll out the Citi 2G Credit Card nationwide sometime in 2011.