Service members, veterans and their families are getting additional credit card perks from Chase Card Services, the company announced in a press release. Military cardholders will now have the chance to earn unlimited cash back rewards for all their purchases, and all foreign transaction fees will be waived. The credit cards chosen from the Chase portfolio to receive these enhancements are the following:

  • Chase's Military Star Rewards MasterCard
  • Air Force Club MasterCard
  • Army MWR MasterCard
  • Navy MWR MasterCard
  • Marine Corps Community Service MasterCard

Chase's military credit cards earn 2 percent cash back rewards at Army MWR, Air Force Services and MCCS merchant locations, including base exchanges and commissaries. The credit cards earn 1 percent on purchases made anywhere else. Cash back rewards are redeemable in a variety of ways; cardholders can receive a check or statement credit, or they can elect to receive gift cards for major retailers, restaurants or travel, which includes airline, hotel and car rentals. One percent cash back equals one point, so choosing to receive cash back rewards in the form of a check would mean for 2,500 points redeemed, the card holder would receive a $25 check.

Credit cards for service members

Emelie Smith Calbick, general manager of Chase Card Services, said about the announcement: "Service members and their families deserve financial resources that fit their unique needs--whether they are on-base, have been deployed or are anywhere in between."

All cards in Chase's military portfolio have no annual fee and offer a full refund of fees and interest incurred during deployment under the company's Blue Star Deployment Program. Family members on the account are able to use their credit cards while the service member is deployed. The Chase Military MasterCard and USNA Alumni Association MasterCard are not part of the promotion.

Correction, Nov. 7, 2011 - According to Steve O'Halloran, spokesman for Chase Card Services, the Chase Military MasterCard is included in the promotion, although the press release did not mention it. The USNA Alumni Association MasterCard is not part of the promotion, but it no longer includes a foreign transaction fee.