credit card

Frequent fliers looking for a way to make their credit card purchases and hotel visits count can redeem rewards and benefits from a Marriott rewards credit card from Chase. With options ranging from the Marriott Rewards classic Visa to the Marriott Rewards Premier Credit Card, depending on the number of nights each year spent at Marriott hotels, this unique rewards program offers something for everyone--from casual travelers to businesspeople who are constantly on the road.

Award-winning benefits

Widely considered one of the best rewards credit cards available to travelers, the Marriott rewards program won nine Freddie awards in 2009 and, in 2010, swept 11 of the 15 hotel rewards categories in the first annual Frequent Traveler Awards.

As with many premier credit card rewards programs, Marriott points are earned at the hotel itself as well as through purchases from participating business partners. Points can be redeemed for everything from travel and hotel stays to room upgrades and shopping vouchers.

In addition, rewards members have access to special offers and discounts on travel, hotel stays, meals and more.