Chase helps taxpayers save with debit

Chase debit cards saved taxpayers $1.4 million in administrative costs during 2010 while helping preserve the environment. According to officials at J.P. Morgan Chase, the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services hired the credit card issuer to streamline its employee mass transit reimbursement program. Under the umbrella of the General Services Administration's SmartPay 2 program, HHS replaced paper checks and forms with reloadable Visa debit cards.

Called the GO!card, the debit cards enable the HHS to automatically issue credit to employees who choose to commute to work via mass transit. Instead of filing receipts for reimbursement, employees can swipe their Chase-issued Visa cards at any public transportation ticketing outlet.

So far, only about 40 percent of HHS staff members have access to GO!card. Once the program reaches full implementation, Chase officials anticipate managing debit card accounts for over 80,000 HHS employees. Not only does GO!card save taxpayers money by streamlining paperwork, cash back rebates similar to those of consumer credit cards help the government agency close budget gaps.