Editor's Note: Thank you for your interest, this offer expired and is no longer available.

Five years after its initial launch, the Continental Airlines Presidential Plus Card from Chase has added new perks that appeal to the frequent flyer that likes to travel for both business and leisure. Company officials announced that cardholders will no longer have to pay foreign transaction fees on purchases made while traveling abroad. While other credit card issuers have raised their overseas transaction charges to five percent or more, Chase joins a small group of banks and credit unions offering automatic savings for world travelers.

In addition, the Continental Airlines Presidential Plus Card continues to include access to Continental's President's Club and a network of over 200 partner airport lounges around the world. Booking a Continental flight using this Chase credit card entitles a traveler to two free checked bags for themselves and for their travel companions, saving up to $120 per person per itinerary. Cardholders also enjoy "Blue Carpet Treatment" throughout each trip, including priority security screenings and early check-in when available. Chase has posted full details of the card's updated benefits to their website.