Credit Card Issuers Compete for Affluent Customers with TV Ads

As the American economy shows signs of strength into the late summer, two major credit card issuers have launched media campaigns to reinforce the added value of paying with plastic. Chase formally rolls out its new Sapphire product, emphasizing special rewards and service for affluent customers. Meanwhile, Discover Card Financial Services debuts a series of advertisements designed to remind prospective cardholders about their product's cash back benefits.

Chase Sapphire ads started appearing on American television screens August 20th, marking the nationwide rollout of JPMorgan's answer to the American Express Centurion Card. Airing on The Travel Channel, CNBC, and on broadcast networks, the campaign emphasizes the new credit card's extensive travel and reward benefits.

Discover's ad campaign targets a broader audience with a series of testimonials about what cardholders "get back." In remarks to the press, Discover Card brand managers expressed hope that sharing true stories would help their product's added value stand out among competitors. Many credit card issuers recently reset fee structures and credit limits, creating opportunities for Discover to win new customers from competitors.

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