Chase Blueprint Credit Card Platform Lets Cardholders Customize Financing Deals
While Jay-Z sends an album called "The Blueprint 3" to the top of the Billboard charts, officials at JP Morgan Chase hope you'll think about personal finance when you hear the word "blueprint." The major credit card issuer unveiled Chase Blueprint, an electronic billing platform that offers cardholders flexibility and customization for their existing Chase credit card accounts. Using Blueprint, cardholders can select special financing terms for individual purchases. For instance, a major appliance purchased using a Chase Freedom card can be financed at a competitive interest rate. Other short term purchases, such as business lunches and plane tickets, can be selected for interest-free financing.

Industry watchers note that Chase Blueprint has been optimized to maximize service under credit card laws taking effect in February. By selecting individual purchases for special financing deals, customers can eliminate much of the need to shop around for balance transfer deals or for multiple credit cards. While Blueprint helps shoppers manage their spending, analysts say,