Chase Blueprint Part 3: Finish It and Track It

A recent article detailed Chase's Blueprint "Full Pay" and "Split" options. This article series concludes with the final two components of Blueprint referred to as "Finish It" and "Track It". Phil Christian, Senior Vice President, Chase Card Services, assisted with this piece by explaining these final two options.

How does "Finish It" vary from "Track It"?

With Finish It, Chase customers now have the flexibility to create a custom plan to pay down their balance faster.

Everyone wakes up Jan. 1 and has the goal to pay down their debt. Blueprint offers a solution for fulfilling a resolution. Finish It gives customers the flexibility to decide how much they want to pay each month or how fast they want to pay it off. Chase does the math, sets up the plan, and charts customers' progress in achieving their goals on each monthly statement with a progress bar that highlights a customer's progress. Like many resolutions, you may fall off track. If a customer misses a Blueprint payment--no problem. We'll post a reminder on their next statement and let them know that we've adjusted their payment plan. We think this is very important to help customers understand their progress.

So Finish It allows you an opportunity to pay down the balance on your credit card. You set the date of your goal and the amount you want to pay and Blueprint takes care of the rest. Your payment progress conveniently appears very clearly in a separated portion of your statement.

And how does "Track It" work?

Track It provides a comprehensive financial snapshot of Chase credit card purchases.

Customers are able to set up a budget and track their spending in 25 categories, including an at-a-glance summary that lets customers easily see their purchases--and progress toward achieving their financial goals. Offering so much more than the year-end statements many cards offer, Track It lets customers see and manage their activity daily so they can adapt and change as they go.

The Chase's Blueprint page also suggests that through Track It you can monitor your spending and set up spending goals in each of the three other Blueprint options...namely Full Pay, Split, and Finish It. Track It is essentially in real time. As soon as a transaction occurs, it appears reflected in your account.

All in all, I must say that I've really been impressed with Blueprint and hope to be able to give it a test drive soon. It's good to see a credit card company offering new, innovate services. The bottom line is that I think Blueprint has the potential to be a real "game changer" and boy does this industry need some positive changes. :)

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