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Giving is a part of the holiday season for many people, and to that end, Capital One is promoting the use of its charitable website and credit cards to help its members do just that. According to a press release by the company, using the company's site will increase the amount of money donated to the charity of choice.

The No Hassle Giving Site is the Capital One portal for charitable giving. Card holders can choose from 1.2 million U.S. charities in the site's database; the site can be searched via zip code, charity name or topic such as arts and culture or health. Capital One notes that when charitable donations are made online, there is often a 5 percent deduction that is taken to cover credit card processing fees. Donating through the No Hassle Giving Site, Capital One will give the entire amount donated to the chosen charity.

Card holders who have a Capital One rewards credit card have another option for giving. Rewards credit card holders can donate using their rewards points or cash advance. When using a Capital One rewards credit card for cash donations, card holders will earn the standard associated rewards such as miles, points or cash that would be earned on other transactions.

A survey by Capital One in November revealed that 56 percent of survey participants planned to donate to a charity during this holiday season, but an almost equal amount (53 percent) did not know a credit card could be used to make that donation. The No Hassle Giving Site is a partnership Capital One began in 2008 with the nonprofit charity database Network for Good. To donate using a Capital One card, visit capitalone.com/give.


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