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Added August 10, 2012 from: Joe Taylor Jr.
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Answered By Joe Taylor Jr.:

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If you're old enough to remember Karl Malden's American Express commercials, traveling abroad may still inspire visions of getting ripped off in a crowded town square. However, your account information tends to stay more secure in countries that have adopted next-generation credit card technology. When combined with emergency travel assistance benefits, the right credit card can help you enjoy your travel even more.

Look for a lender than can add two extra features to your travel credit card: an embedded EMV chip and waived foreign transaction fees. It's not as hard a combination to find as you'd think.

If a card has an annual fee remember that some banks charge as much as 5 percent for the privilege of real-time currency conversion and overseas fraud detection. So be sure to factor in the annual fee and if the cost is offset by what you would save in foreign transaction fees. Also keep in mind an issuer may promote travel credit cards with no foreign transaction fees, however the lack of an EMV chip could force you into an expensive ATM cash advance if a merchant refuses to swipe your card's magnetic strip.

Before you leave the United States, remember to request your personal identification number for credit card transactions in Europe and in other parts of the world that have adopted "chip-and-PIN" security. Your bank will not usually be able to establish your PIN once you're on the road.

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