Camp Millionaire teaches financial literacy

Despite signs of post-recession economic recovery and an easing of credit card debt, author and educator Elisabeth Donati warns of future fiscal disaster if Americans don't focus on financial literacy. The challenge, she says, involves making financial education interesting for kids that might find the topic dull. Instead of boring lectures about bills and debts, Donati suggests that parents engage kids using games and conversations.

Donati has condensed her own financial literacy teaching into a day-camp format called Camp Millionaire. Participants, aged 10-14, play a unique financial game called The Money Game. The game helps kids understand and recall 26 important financial principles. Donati announced plans to hold a two-day, weekend edition of Camp Millionaire in Santa Barbara, California on March 26 and 27, 2011.

In addition to leading the event herself, Donati has invited other educators to a "train the trainer" event from March 20-24 in Santa Barbara. The workshop aims to help teachers and parents learn how to transform crucial money conversations into fun, engaging activities. Participants learn how to facilitate editions of Camp Millionaire in their own communities. Prospective camp leaders can learn more at Donati's website,