Leaks Credit Card Numbers to Google
Financial security watchdogs have more to worry about with the discovery that social media site accidentally leaked the credit card numbers of at least five members to a search engine's cache. Full credit card numbers appeared in cached search results offered by Google, alongside transaction information that could have been used to gain access to personal accounts. In reports from PC Magazine and The New York Times, security analysts noted that services like Blippy, Swipely, and Mint encourage consumers to share sensitive personal information while downplaying the risk of identity theft.

Technicians and company officials posted to Blippy's blog and Twitter account throughout the week, assuring site members that the glitch was limited only to a handful of users holding accounts from either of two specific card issuers. The data feed from those two credit card companies, technicians pointed out, included raw credit card numbers in the same field usually reserved for the name of a business. Programmers had filtered the numbers from the site's own pages, but not from the data fed to Google's cache. Representatives from Google confirmed that the credit card numbers in question had been removed immediately upon request.

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