Wells Fargo intends to experiment with new mobile credit card payments technology using a its own employees, company official said. In a statement to reporters, the financial services company revealed that it had assembled a team of 200 staff volunteers to try out two new solutions that allow cardholders to replace their credit cards with wireless devices.

The San Francisco-based pilot team will use special iPhone cases and BlackBerry microSD cards that allow their cell phones to communicate with cash registers at participating merchants. A new version of the Wells Fargo Mobile Banking application enables Visa's payWave functionality for one eligible credit card or debit card per device.

Wells Fargo engineers made the announcement and demonstrated the solution at a global gathering of banking technology professionals in Paris this month. Bank officials told reporters at event attendees that their pilot team anticipated using their new contactless credit card devices at restaurants, vending machines, and sporting concession stands throughout the Bay Area.

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