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Added February 24, 2012 from: Joe Taylor Jr.
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Answered By Joe Taylor Jr.:

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Q: I will be traveling in South America: Chile, Argentina, Bolivia, and Ecuador, for up to five months. What is the best credit card for me?

A: Even though merchants overseas now accept credit cards in record numbers, your off-the-beaten-path itinerary means you'll need an easy way to access extra cash along the way. Based on where you're heading, I can suggest a few travel rewards credit cards that should save you some cash:

  • LANPass Visa Signature Card from US Bank. If you think you'll visit this part of the world again, consider an airline credit card connected to the region's most prominent carrier. US Bank issues a few different versions of this card, but the Visa Signature carries the best signup bonus. You'll also get a 20 percent discount on the first LAN itinerary you purchase each year, for up to $1,000 in savings before you even leave town. LAN will even give you three one-way upgrade vouchers, so you can stretch out during your long flights to and from South America.

You'll get slightly more flexibility from a Visa card in South America than with the other three major payment networks. In addition, both of the Visa Signature cards on this list carry customer service and emergency teams that rival American Express's global travel specialists.

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