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Added September 28, 2010 from: Beverly Blair Harzog
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Answered By Beverly Blair Harzog:

I'm a student with fair credit. What student credit card do you recommend?

The Discover it for Students is an excellent credit card. We like this card so much we gave it our 5-star Editor's Rating. And you only need a fair credit rating to be considered for a card. Now, this is assuming you're over twenty-one or have proof of sufficient income to repay your debts. Under the CARD Act, if you're under 21 and lack a steady (and sufficient) income, you must get a co-signer.

There's a zero percent introductory APR and the regular APR is pretty good for a rewards student credit card--although it varies depending on your credit history. You get a 5 percent Cashback Bonus in rotating categories, such as gas and restaurants. And, yes, that means more money in your pocket for pizza.

You also get a one percent cash back bonus on virtually everything else you need for college, from textbooks to toothpaste. A word of caution, though. Pay your bills on time because the penalty APR is steep.

This question is about:  Student Credit / Debt
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