Best credit cards for holiday shopping

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Best credit cards for holiday shopping

According to researchers at the National Retail Federation, American shoppers typically spend more than $500 each on gifts during the holiday season. Count all holiday items, like decorations, festive clothing, and party snacks, and that number rises well above $700. Add up everyone in your household with their own  shopping lists, and your year-end spending spree quickly hops well into four-digit territory.

Although plenty of banks tout the size of their year-end rebates and rewards, not every credit card makes a great companion at the checkout counter. Watch for five key elements that make cash-back credit cards ideal for holiday shopping:

  • No annual fee or low annual fee. If you must pay a modest annual fee for a credit card, make sure you're getting your money's worth with extended warranty, product replacement, or loss protection benefits.
  • Zero APR promotions. You can stretch your budget a little further with help from a new card's low introductory offer. Just make sure you've got a plan to pay down the entire balance before you hit the end of your promotional period.
  • Easy and inexpensive balance transfers. If you can't resist the siren song of a retail credit card, find a no-frills credit card with a balance transfer rate between zero and 3 percent. That way, you can score bonus points or special store perks without subjecting yourself to extra high APRs.
  • Bonus rebates and rewards at your preferred retailers. NRF statistics show that we'll spend more than half our holiday budgets at discount, big box or department stores. Bring along a credit card that rewards you, even at stores where you're already seeing big sales.
  • Comprehensive fraud protection and lost card replacement. The NRF estimates that more than half of Americans wait until the week before Christmas to purchase the last item on their gift lists. You don't want to be stuck waiting on a replacement for a lost or stolen card during that last-minute shopping frenzy.

With a clear budget and a plan to maximize your rewards, consider the potential for these high-quality cards to help you manage your holiday spending. Keep in mind these cards are for year around use, so if you're done with or not doing any holiday shopping you may find one of these top card offers interests you.

Chase Freedom®

Chase Freedom®About Our Ratings
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This year, as in years past, Chase Freedom® has targeted select department stores for its quarterly cash-back bonus, in addition to Amazon.com. That means cardholders will enjoy 5 percent total cash back on up to $1,500 in combined qualifying purchases (once they opt in) through the end of the year in bonus categories each quarter. Cardholders who hit that spending cap will still earn the same 1 percent rebate on department store purchases that they collect on all other eligible transactions.

With no annual fee and an earned bonus that can add $100 to your rewards balance, after you spend $500 on purchases in your first 3 months from account opening, Chase Freedom® can help you squeeze a few extra pennies from each dollar in your holiday budget.

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Discover it®-New! Double Cash Back your first year

Discover it®-New! Double Cash Back your first yearAbout Our Ratings
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The Discover it® card cycles department stores into its 5 percent bonus offer in the last few months of the year. When Discover launched the Discover it® card, the issuer emphasized customer conveniences and support that come in handy during the stressful holiday shopping season. In addition to flexibility for delayed payments or an occasional overlimit purchase, Discover's free FICO® credit score access and fraud liability guarantee can help with identity theft.

Discover also operates its own online mall, ShopDiscover.com. Sign in, shop through special retail shopping links and you can earn cash-back awards as high as 20 percent. While some of Discover's largest rebate partners include gift and flower retailers, the company offers 5 percent discounts with popular brands such as Apple, Gap, Sony and Tory Burch. Best of all, these bonus awards don't count against your card's quarterly rebate cap.

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Blue Cash Everyday® Card from American Express

Blue Cash Everyday® Card from American ExpressAbout Our Ratings
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This card offers an everyday cash back reward of 2 percent on eligible purchases at select U.S. department stores. (The Blue Cash Preferred® Card from American Express version of this card bumps that reward to 3 percent, but charges a $75 annual fee.) Your cash back earned is received in the form of Reward Dollars that can be redeemed as a statement credit. While not as high of a reward rate as some of the other cards on this list, there is no enrollment required and you earn in the same rewards category year-round. American Express adds value with features including extended warranty, return protection and purchase protection (be sure to read the exclusions and restrictions that apply to these features). Terms and restrictions apply. See Rates and Fees

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Citi® Double Cash Card

Citi® Double Cash CardAbout Our Ratings
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This innovative, recent addition to the Citi lineup offers cash back twice with, 1 percent cash back on eligible transactions at the time of purchase, plus 1 percent cash back as you pay for those purchases whether you pay in full or over time. With no annual fee, no caps and no category restrictions, this is one of the most generous cash back cards on the market, especially among cards that aren't tied to a brokerage relationship.

In many ways, Citi has put their own spin on some of its competitors' best features. Like Discover, Citi's offering late fee flexibility the first time you miss a minimum payment. This card offers an extended warranty program up to a year on your warranty of five years or less on eligible purchases (be sure to read Citi's disclosures for additional information). Another holiday helper connected to this card is Citi Price Rewind -- if the same item you buy is found at a retailer's site within 60 days of purchase, you can be refunded the price difference up to $300 per item, and up to $1,200 per year, (be sure to read Citi's disclosures for additional information).

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Smart shoppers already know not to dive into debt over holiday spending -- especially when APRs on cash-back credit cards tend to lean higher than those of no-frills accounts. However, with the opportunity to earn extra rebates, the best credit cards can let even a frugal shopper squeeze a few extra bucks into their year-end budget.


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