I'm looking for the best credit card offer with benefits of extended warranty, price protection, purchase assurance, and satisfaction guarantee.

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Sounds like someone really likes to hunt for bargains! While most credit cards give you plenty of protection at the cash register, a few cards rise above the rest when you need to fight for your consumer rights.

Making any purchase with a credit card gives you added protections and benefits that you simply can't get with cash, checks, or even debit cards. If you're ever unhappy with something you bought with your credit card, talk to the manager or the owner of the retailer where you made your purchase. The process merchants must endure to respond to a credit card dispute has become incredibly time consuming. In addition, merchants that receive too many transaction disputes in a short amount of time can face some severe penalties. Therefore, most vendors would much rather negotiate with you on the spot than deal with your bank.

However, not every vendor will want to play ball. And, sometimes, you're dealing with accidents and acts of fate that even the best retailers' customer service can't resolve. That's why you may want to carry one of these credit cards with the best reputations for purchase protection:

  • Discover cards: Discover's customer service agents have been winning awards for resolving disputes between cardholders and merchants.
  • PenFed Platinum Cash Rewards Visa® Card: Credit unions, by definition, act with member interests in mind. This card from Pentagon Federal, one of the country's largest nonprofit credit card issuers, combines Visa's own purchase protection policies with its own extensive member service team.
  • Blue Cash Everyday® Card from American Express: American Express operates as a "service company" as well as a lender, so its agents advocate aggressively in favor of their members. This cash back rewards card offers American Express's legendary purchase protection perks, which can help protect eligible purchases made with the Card against accidental damage or theft for up to 90 days of purchase. Other benefits include extended warranty, return protection and dispute resolution for fraudulent or mistaken charges on your statement. These benefits do have exclusions and restrictions so be sure to read the important information in regard to these benefits on American Express's website. Terms and restrictions apply.

Remember that most merchants want to win your loyalty, especially during tight economic times. Politely request price protection and product replacement assistance from a manager before you involve your credit card issuer. It'll make the act of unleashing your card's merchant dispute team even more satisfying if the retailer chooses not to cooperate.


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