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Added March 14, 2012 from: Joe Taylor Jr.
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Answered By Joe Taylor Jr.:

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Q: I want a credit card to use for work. I have to travel occasionally, but my employer reimburses me at the end of every month. I would also probably use it for occasional flights to see family. I would almost never carry a balance on my card, and would probably not use it more than 3-5 months out of the year. I also don't want to pay any annual fees. What credit card would be best?

A: You're the ideal candidate for a travel rewards card, especially since your employer's going to foot the bill for most of your purchases. As long as you keep your balance close to zero, you can earn some great rewards from the credit card issuers on our short list.

Based on what you've written, it sounds like your employer's got you on a somewhat unpredictable travel schedule. Instead of an airline credit card, try signing up for a rewards credit card with extra benefits or bonuses for travel purchases. If you've got a good credit score, you could even earn a special signup offer ranging from extra cash back to bonus rewards points.

  • Chase Sapphire® Card. If your business expenses involve picking up the tab at dinner, this reward credit card offers double points for purchases for dining at restaurants. You can redeem your points for statement credits, merchandise, gift cards and more.

This card does not have an annual fee, but it carries annual percentage rates a little higher than no-frills cards. Pay your balance in full at the end of each statement cycle to avoid finance charges, while earning as many rewards points as possible.

When choosing your rewards credit cards, check out each issuer's website to see whether you can get bonus value when redeeming points at your favorite restaurants and merchants.

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