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Added September 16, 2010 from: Beverly Blair Harzog
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Answered By Beverly Blair Harzog:

I'm planning a trip to Europe. What is the best credit card to take with me?

When traveling outside of the U.S., every purchase that you make with a credit card could end up with a fee attached. This foreign transaction fee can range from 1-5 percent. Though it may not sound like a lot in the beginning, it adds up quickly. Since your planning a trip overseas, consider a credit card that offers rewards and has no foreign transaction fees. Take a look at this page to see a list of cards that do not charge this fee. 

The best credit card choice for you will depend on your credit history. If you have excellent credit, you may be able to qualify for a card that not only will eliminate this fee, but could also earn you some good rewards. If you favor a specific airline provider and travel often, you may consider that airline's travel reward card.

Even with an excellent credit score, rewards credit cards often charge a higher APR than non-rewards credit cards; you receive the best value if you do not carry over a balance. Also, many of these cards come with an annual fee, which you'll have to determine if you earn enough benefits from the card to make it worth while. 

If you don't travel very often or may need to carry a balance, your excellent credit can serve you well by qualifying you for a low interest rate on a no-frills card. If you have good credit, you can still earn some basic rewards. Look for a card that does not charge an annual fee and has a reasonable APR.

Enjoy your trip!

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