RyVo pitches Bank of America's cash back rewards card

Bank of America enlisted San Francisco Giants starting pitcher Ryan Vogelsong to help launch a new promotion for its BankAmericard Cash Rewards card this month. RyVo turned up at a Bay Area Safeway, signing souvenirs and picking up the tab for a handful of lucky fans who also learned about the credit card's new cash back rewards structure.

BankAmericard and WorldPoints

Bank of America relaunched its iconic credit card brand four years ago as a cash back rewards card. Since then, the credit card issuer has steered many of its longtime banking customers into BankAmericard accounts, while using its WorldPoints brand for rewards credit cards bearing the names of affinity partners. BankAmericard customers earn points for each completed transaction, which they can convert into deposits for any linked checking, savings, or investment account.

A little credit card history

BankAmericard debuted in 1958 in California as Bank of America's centralized payment system for retailers. As personal credit cards grew in popularity, Bank of America spun the payment network off as an independent company, now known as Visa, Inc. Early BankAmericard cards bore the blue, white and gold stripes that would evolve into Visa's familiar logo. Today's BankAmericard features Bank of America's red and blue icon against a gray background.