Four More Bank Failures Could Result in Credit Card Account Closures
Four more banks joined the ranks of failed financial institutions in February, bringing the number of FDIC takeovers to twenty. La Jolla Bank (CA), George Washington Savings Bank (IL), Marco Community Bank (FL), and La Coste National Bank (TX) all received visits from FDIC personnel to begin the process of transferring assets to new administrators.

According to federal regulators, FDIC officials often negotiate the takeover of bank portfolios by healthier institutions during a shutdown. Depositors experience business as usual, with checking and savings accounts absorbed into the acquiring bank's existing operations over time. Credit card borrowers, however, often experience challenges with their accounts.

Some acquiring banks take on credit card accounts, but restrict cardholders from making new charges. Chase endured scrutiny for this practice after regulators brokered its sudden takeover of the failed Washington Mutual trust in 2008. Therefore, personal finance experts advise consumers to maintain active charge accounts with at least two banks. This way, if a bank failure shuts down one credit line, accountholders can still enjoy access to a backup funding source.

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