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Posted On : December 5, 2013 by Curtis Arnold

velvet rope red carpetEvery major bank and credit card platform seems to be getting in on the "exclusive experience" angle. Visa and American Express have battled over the rights to concert ticket pre-sales, while Discover has locked up major college sporting events. And while Chase and Bank of America have both beefed up their roster of private cardholder events over the past year, Citi Private Pass has done the most impressive job of scaling its program to fit the needs of customers in multiple demographic groups across the country.

We're used to seeing luxury experiences designed for well-heeled cardholders, and Citi Private Pass offers plenty of those. For instance, cardholders willing to spend $1,600 could reserve a private voyage on an America's Cup-winning yacht during that event's return to the West Coast. Meanwhile, hockey fans (and baseball-loving skaters) can spend just $20 with their Citi credit cards to skate on the ice at Fenway Park during Citi's Frozen Fenway event. Culinary events, film festivals, and access to private art collections across the country round out a slate of experiences that hit every interest and price point, differentiating Citi from its competitors.

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