Most innovative credit cards

Posted On : December 5, 2013 by Curtis Arnold

military familyIf picking up the phone when someone calls and designing products that add value to customers' lives are "innovative," then we can't wait to see the rest of the industry follow this trend.

  • Discover it®. A strong marketing campaign heralded the launch of Discover's newest cash-back card, promoting direct access to helpful customer-service agents, generous rebates when you sign up for free quarterly promotions (spending cap applies) and world-class fraud detection. They backed up this promise with a pledge to equip home offices for members of military families, who can now keep their Discover jobs after a transfer or deployment.
  • PenFed Defender American Express® Card. Recent investigations by the FTC and CFPB uncovered how predatory lenders targeted military families with high-priced payday loans. PenFed operates at the opposite end of the lending spectrum, offering an exclusive card for military personnel that carries no fees, no penalty APR, a generous cash-back rebate and one of the lowest variable APRs on the market.

What our editors love: A renewed focus on hiring and serving members of military families highlights the challenges veterans face when returning home from active duty.

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