Editor's Choice Awards: Best Credit Cards of 2014

By cardratings.com, CardRatings contributor
Updated, July 27, 2015

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Best low-interest credit cards

credit card in hand

Meeting some stringent membership requirements can qualify you for an annual percentage rate far lower than what most banks advertise.

  • Simmons Bank Visa cards. When you've honed your credit score through years of hard work, this regional bank from Arkansas has an entire line of basic Visa cards ready for you.
  • Barclaycard® Ring MasterCard®. Barclays' U.S. credit card subsidiary has been running this MasterCard product as a crowdsourcing experiment for a few years. Cardholders vote each year on features and fees, with one recent decision to accept a higher ATM cash advance charge in exchange for eliminating foreign transaction fees.
  • USAA Rate Advantage Platinum MasterCard®. Qualifying members can score one of the country's lowest APRs, along with some basic perks and benefits on this no-annual-fee card.

What our editors love: Each of these cards uses its own filter to determine who might qualify for an extremely low interest rate. While you may never have heard of these cards, you're not footing the bill for a huge marketing budget or for someone else's charge-offs with your own, inflated finance charges.


  1. andrew mitchell March 18, 2014 at 2:18 am
    you forgot to include:

    Iberia Bank Classic = 7.24% low interest rate for purchases and no annual fee.
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