CardRatings.com Award Graphic Instructions / Terms of Use

Awards Seal Terms of Use:

Credit card issuers can use our awards seal (sample below) throughout the current year without restriction (in any capacity) provided that any one of the following conditions are met:

* The card must have at least a 4-star rating based on our staff rating system.
* The card must have at least a 4-star rating based on our cardholder/consumer reviews system (minimum of 10 reviews required).

Copy Instructions:

Top Rated Credit Card - Cardratings.com

To copy our awards seal, simply right click on one of the graphics above and select "save as". You can then save the awards seal in any manner that you prefer. If you would prefer to use an entirely different seal (customized to your needs), then please email us. Finally, we would greatly appreciate it if you informed us about how you intend to use the seal.

How Popular are our Ratings?

Our rating system has become increasingly popular since we first introduced it in 1998. Our ratings are often referenced by various consumer advocates and by respected media publications (click here for examples). To see examples of how our ratings have been incorporated into recent credit related articles by CNN/Money and The Early Show on CBS, please visit the following links:

Here is an example of how CNN/Money referenced our ratings.
Here is an example of how The Early Show on CBS referenced our ratings.

Thanks to consumers, our website has become the most comprehensive free source for comparing card offers.

Other Applications:

You can also quote any consumer or staff review listed on our site. We will be glad to send you an example of how a major card issuer has recently used one of our consumer reviews in a direct mail campaign. We only ask that you list CardRatings.com as the source for the review. We would also greatly appreciate it if you informed us about how you intend to use any quotes.


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