Seattle Residents Average Higher Debts with Larger Credit Scores
Seattle narrowly edged out Dallas and Denver for a title it might not want: the American city with the highest average household debt. Statisticians at Experian stripped personally identifying data from millions of credit reports before feeding them into a new financial modeling tool. Experian's Premier Attributes system then ranked cities by the average household debt of their residents. The top ten cities on the 2010 report all beat the national average of $24,775 recording in March:

1. Seattle: $26,646
2. Dallas: $26,599
3. Denver : $26,428
4. Atlanta: $26,063
5. Phoenix: $26,035
6. Houston: $25,790
7. Washington, D.C.: $25,702
8. Tampa: $25,603
9. Philadelphia: $25,544
10. Orlando: $25,316

The Pacific Northwest's weather hasn't sent consumers running for retail therapy, however. Experian officials noted that their data also rates Seattle as one of the most reliable cities for on-time credit card payments. Residents there may be running up larger consumer debts because they can manage them responsibly while qualifying for higher credit limits, according to Experian's data.

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