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I'm traveling to Europe this spring. What do I need to know about using credit cards there, and do I need to get a special one to use there?

Even casual travelers have started to encounter the "chip-and-PIN" credit card terminals that have become popular in Europe. Here's how to avoid getting stuck with an incompatible credit card overseas. Credit cards have streamlined overseas travel for Americans, who rarely need to worry about trading much cash at the corner "bureau de change." However, European banks [...]

Which Disney rewards credit card is the best?

Chase made this an easy question to answer: they've eliminated the Disney Rewards debit card and streamlined their Disney affinity program into a single rewards credit card. However, if you're not a frequent visitor to Walt's theme parks, you may find another of Chase's reward programs more valuable. I've got some hardcore Disney fans in my [...]

I currently have a Visa United Mileage Plus card, but I think I'd get a better deal with a Chase Sapphire Preferred Card. What is the best way to switch and not impact my credit score?

Your tastes and habits change over time, and so should your credit card. However, it's common to worry about the impact on your credit report if you apply for a new account. Take advantage of your current issuer's customer service team and a little-known loophole in common credit score algorithms to hunt for a better [...]

What is the difference between frequent flyer and rewards credit cards?

This is a great question. There are many credit cards in each category, but there's also some overlap. For instance, if you're flexible about which airline you fly, some cards offer miles that you can also redeem for hotel rooms, car rentals, and more. It's also smart to look for a card that can save you [...]

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