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I keep being denied a credit card so what do I do? I'm full-time college student and work one full-time job so I have income, but I need a credit card to build up my credit so I can buy a car.

Years ago, you wouldn't have been shocked to see first-year college students get starter credit cards just for setting foot in the nearest dining hall. Banks assigned lower-risk categories to students, assuming they'd earn higher-than-average incomes after graduation. But, the realities of a post-recession economy and pressure from consumer advocates stopped the flow of easy [...]

Do you have to be a student to apply for a student credit card, or are these applicable for recent graduates as well?

Most credit card companies we spoke with will consider you for one of their student credit card accounts between your graduation date through the beginning of the following school year. Some issuers specifically ask for your school information on their applications, but most banks tend to rely on the honor system to keep prospective cardholders [...]

Can my son get a student card since he's going back to school?

Question: My son needs a credit card as he is going back to school after working for a couple of years. He currently carries one of my cards and is very careful to pay me in full each month for any purchases he makes. I don't think he's eligible for a student card, so how [...]

I'm 17. Can I get a credit card?

Yes, but you'll need a little help. When lawmakers wrote the Credit CARD Act in response to the 2008 financial crisis, they pushed through changes designed to protect young Americans from making mistakes with money. Under federal banking regulations, banks can only accept credit card applications from Americans below the age of 21 in a [...]

When should I stop looking for student credit cards and go after "regular" ones?

If you've had a "student" credit card for at least two years, or if you have other forms of credit - such as a student loan or perhaps an auto loan - you may have built up a sufficient payment track record that would qualify you for a traditional credit card geared toward any adult. Student [...]

Which student credit cards offer automatic deduction from my checking account to pay off each month?

It's great to live in the future. When I was a student, I had to remember to march down to my post office box, pick up my bill, write out a check, buy a stamp and send my payment back to the bank. Every month. Today, just about every major credit card issuer offers secure [...]

I am looking to apply for a credit card where I can add an authorized user with a cap on the limit that the authorized user can use. What are your recommendations?

Q: I am looking to apply for a credit card where I can add an authorized user. In addition, I would like to be able to put a cap on the limit that the authorized user can use. My Experian FICO score is a 693, what are your recommendations? A: The right credit card offer for [...]

I am a college student and am looking for work. Does not having a job affect my ability to get a credit card? If not, what are some of the best student credit card options with low interest rates?

Yes, not having a job affects your ability to get a student credit card, you're absolutely right. Look at it from the bank's perspective. Would you lend to you? Student credit cards are designed for students, in the sense that credit card companies recognize that college students aren't going to have a lengthy credit history to [...]

My son is a student. We only want him to have one credit card for emergencies and are willing to co-sign for a card. What would be the best one?

Q: My son is a student and has been turned down for several cards. We only want him to have one for emergencies and are willing to co-sign for a card. What would be the best one? A: First, for what it's worth, it sounds like you're good parents, and I think your son is lucky [...]

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