My ex-wife took her maiden name back. She has opened new credit cards with my last name and address on them but hasn't lived at my address for three years. What can I do?

Getting new credit cards after a divorce can be tremendously difficult, especially if your wife didn't maintain any lines of credit under her maiden name. Not knowing the details of your breakup, I'll can only assume positive intent here. Like many other women in the same situation, your ex-wife may have discovered that an instant [...]

If I buy jewelry online with a credit card, is the purchase insured if the jewelry does not arrive?

There's an important distinction between the "insurance" you can purchase from a shipping carrier and the purchase protection you get automatically from your credit card. Shipping insurance provides a cash payout if your order arrives damaged, and it's especially useful if you're purchasing one-of-a-kind items on auction sites or from custom manufacturers. However, it's far more [...]

I would like to replace a few high APR cards with better rate cards, but I know that we are supposed to limit how many cards that we have and closing them is a bad idea. What should I do?

Because you mentioned some credit cards with high interest rates, I'll assume you're carrying balances right now. What happens next depends on your short-term financial goals and on your monthly budget. If you're planning on buying a home or a car in the next two years, maximize your credit score while making some smart financial moves. [...]

What happens when someone dies with credit card in their name and an authorized user continues to use credit card?

That's not good. Are you doing that? Please stop. If someone in your life is doing that, please tell them to stop. The consequences could be dire. In most cases, the credit card debt of a deceased American becomes an issue for their estate. If that debtor lives in a community property state (Arizona, California, Idaho, [...]

Can you explain the difference between chip-and-pin and chip-and-signature?

If you've traveled to Europe anytime in the past few years, you've probably encountered a challenge when trying to use your plain, old, American credit card. For decades, we've relied on simple magnetic strips to carry secure account information. However, criminals have figured out easy ways to steal that data, just by swiping your card [...]

If you purchase a cell phone with a credit card, does any credit card have cell phone insurance included?

If you own an iPhone or an Android smartphone, you're probably concerned about three things: loss, damage, or theft. Fortunately, your credit card or debit card may already cover the most common wireless repair and replacement situations. American Express extends two powerful benefits to cardmembers: purchase protection and warranty extension. Purchase your new phone with an [...]

I'm in the military. Are there any credit cards that give military personnel benefits?

Yes. Because of your service to our country, you're entitled to special service, great rates, amnesty from some penalties, and other exclusive perks from specialized credit card issuers. Your active duty status qualifies you for some compelling credit card deals. Some of these offers come from lenders who specialize in working with military families. Meanwhile, other [...]

What factors determine the credit limit you get on a credit card?

Credit card issuers have spent the past few decades developing a complex "matrix" system to match your credit profile with the "right" credit limit. Picture your credit score running down the left-hand column of that matrix, and your income running across the top row. An underwriter then sets optimal credit limits based on which block [...]

Should I lend my sister my credit card? Does she sign her own name on the bills?

Q: May I lend my reliable sister my credit card? Hers was terminated because someone else was putting charges on it. Does she sign her own name on the bills? Thanks! A: Whoa! Despite all good intentions, you both could get into some sticky situations if you decide to go that route. Here's a fact you probably [...]

I was sent a credit card without my authorization. What do I do?

Q: I was sent a credit card without my authorization. What do I do? My credit report was obviously dinged to obtain one. Will it be dinged again if I cancel? A: "Dear Lord, the gods have been good to me. As an offering, I present these milk and cookies. If you wish me to eat [...]

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