Credit Card Technology

Does the JPMorgan Select Card with smart chip technology have a PIN number that is used for each transaction?

Yes, you'll choose a PIN for transaction security, but only certain merchants in Europe will ever ask you for it. Here's why. Here in America, where we take landline telephones and Internet for granted, it's easy to forget that folks in other parts of the world didn't have the luxury of checking credit card security in [...]

I'm traveling to Europe this spring. What do I need to know about using credit cards there, and do I need to get a special one to use there?

Even casual travelers have started to encounter the "chip-and-PIN" credit card terminals that have become popular in Europe. Here's how to avoid getting stuck with an incompatible credit card overseas. Credit cards have streamlined overseas travel for Americans, who rarely need to worry about trading much cash at the corner "bureau de change." However, European banks [...]

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