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Can I get approved for an American Express credit or charge card if I had a bankruptcy three years ago?

By , CardRatings contributor
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Question: Can I get approved for an American Express credit or charge card if I had a bankruptcy three years ago?

Answer: This is a difficult question to answer as other issues are involved, such as what you have been doing since the bankruptcy. As an example, let's say since your bankruptcy you have purchased a home and a car and made regular payments on these for the last three years, never once being late. Though more difficult to obtain because of the bankruptcy--and probably with a higher interest rate--you would probably be approved for a credit card. If, on the other hand, you have had no credit extended, or worse yet, been late on a payment since the bankruptcy, your chances for approval are far less.

But you are on the right track; the three-year point does offer one of the first time periods after bankruptcy for a better evaluation of your score. Adding to all of the above, please realize credit extension has become far more difficult in the current economy. All you can do is try.  However, if this will be your line of credit since the bankruptcy, you might want to think about applying for a good secured credit card first.  Use it wisely for a year or so, then apply for an American Express card.

1 Responses to "Can I get approved for an American Express credit or charge card if I had a bankruptcy three years ago?"
  1. Joe June 10, 2011 at 2:19 pm

    I take issue with the above answer. I had a bankruptcy that was discharged 10 years ago. I've had perfect credit ever since, had two new mortgages since with perfect payments, and two other credit cards with perfect payment history for the entire eight years since getting them. I applied to AMEX and got an immediate rejection, based on the fact that I had a bankruptcy 10 years ago. I would recommend you save the time and effort it takes to fill out their application. It's apparently not something they are willing to forgive. JL, Florida


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