American Express Shines a Light on Small Businesses

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American Express Shines a Light on Small Businesses

The Shine a Light program, launched by American Express and NBC Universal, allows consumers to nominate their favorite small business for a $100,000 prize for grant and marketing support. Nancy Smith, Vice President of Global Media and Content and Community at American Express, was contacted about the company's involvement.

What is the ultimate goal of the program? "Shine a Light" calls for people across the country to nominate and vote for the small business story that most inspires them based on innovation, community spirit, and/or customer service. The primary goal is to recognize and reward small business owners for all that they do and the role that they play in driving economic recovery. American Express wanted to find an engaging way to encourage the public to get involved by shining a spotlight on inspiring small businesses nationwide.

What is American Express's involvement with this program? American Express co-created the "Shine a Light" campaign with NBC Universal. American Express will furnish the winning small business with $100,000 in grant and marketing support, and award $3,000 American Express Gift Cards to each of the three people who nominate the three finalists.

"Shine a Light" provides American Express with a unique opportunity to raise visibility for small business owners across the country by providing the public with an interactive way to honor and thank them for what they do. Along the way, through submissions on Shine a Light, small businesses will receive national recognition.

American Express has been a staunch supporter and advocate of small businesses throughout the years. With NBC Universal, we have an opportunity to share our respect for the small biz community with people across the country, online, and on-air.

Is there anything you would like to add? We hope "Shine a Light" will encourage everyone to use their collective power to recognize and reward small businesses owners. The program is part of American Express's ongoing commitment to serving both consumers and merchants alike.

For years, American Express small business credit cards have helped merchants establish and grow successful businesses. Now, AmEx wants to give back in a more tangible way--by rewarding those who reward others.

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