Airlines and hotels can thank the business community for a slight rebound in travel spending, according to researchers at American Express. Data from the company's Business Travel Monitor report showed a six percent increase in typical airfares during the third quarter of 2010, when compared with the same period a year ago. Hotel owners fared similarly well, with corporate rates increasing seven percent year-over-year.

The charge card issuer's expert insights research team analyzed raw point of sale information from travel providers across the country, then compared pricing data to the fares paid by corporate travelers using the American Express Business Travel bureau. The Business Travel Monitor report helps corporate planners understand long-term trends for budgeting purposes, while also serving to benchmark the relative health of the travel industry.

American Express recently announced a major initiative to lure business travelers to its line of corporate charge cards. Changes to the The Platinum Card® from American Express and Centurion American Express Cards include dropping foreign currency conversion fees for purchases made on the card and adding up to $200 annual airline fee statement credit with the airline of your choice for incidental airline fees such as in-flight meals and baggage handling charges.