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Added May 20, 2010 from: Amber Stubbs
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Answered By Amber Stubbs:

American Express is a CardRatings.com advertiser.

 That is a bit of a trick question since the American Express Green Card is not a credit card. It is actually a charge card which means that the balance is due in full each month. A charge card can be a good thing since it keeps you from accumulating too much debt and paying interest charges. On the other hand, they do come with an annual fee.  The Amex Green Card has a $0 introductory annual fee for the first year, then after the first year a $95 annual fee.

All of the American Express charge cards are geared towards frequent travelers. If you travel enough—and book your travel through American Express—you could conceivably earn enough rewards to make the annual fee worth it. 

In short, I think the American Express Green Card is best suited for consumers that:

1.        Don't need to revolve a balance

2.       Travel Frequently and don't mind using American Express to book travel in order to get bonus reward points

3.       Value entertainment access

If you do not travel often—but you like the American Express brand—you can compare American Express credit cards online at CardRatings.com. Amex offers a variety of reward credit cards in addition to their charge card products.

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