American Express Survey Confirms America's Travel Bug Is Still Strong
A recent survey of consumers revealed that a slow economy can't stop Americans from seeing the world. The January 2010 edition of the American Express Spending & Saving Tracker gathered opinions about personal finance from over 2,000 respondents. More than two-thirds of Americans surveyed reported that travel was the most valuable personal pursuit. Over 30% of respondents intended to take a trip before the end of March, despite a harsh economic climate.

American Express spokesperson Pamela Codispoti told reporters that programs like her company's Membership Rewards could play a key role in helping Americans fulfill their travel wishes in 2010. "Given how important travel is to consumers, it's no surprise that they plan to find ways to get away this winter," said Codispoti. "The combination of travel deals and discounts and the ability to use reward points to offset the cost of trips is allowing consumers to both reign in spending and continue to travel."

American Express recently added new partners to its Membership Rewards program, including luxury resort properties in Las Vegas, New York, Florida, and the Bahamas.

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