American Express Unveils Free Online Money Manager Tools

American Express cardmembers can do much more than check balances at their lender's website, starting today. With the launch of "Money Manager," cardmembers can now use the American Express website as a hub to track activity across all of their accounts at any of 11,000 participating financial institutions. The online service allows participants to:

  • Set e-mail alerts for monthly budget limits.
  • Review spending trends across multiple bank and credit card accounts.
  • Track upcoming due dates for household bills and credit card payments.
  • Calculate personal net worth on a personalized balance sheet.
  • Consolidate rewards statements from hotel loyalty points and frequent flyer rewards programs.

American Express spokesperson Robin Korn told reporters that the new online service will be free of charge for the company's enrolled customers. "Money Manager is a built-in benefit for Charge Cardmembers - a Card that serves as a great management tool by helping people spend within their means and stay out of debt," said Korn. "With these additional financial management tools, along with the security and service American Express is known for, Cardmembers can be reassured that their money works harder for them."